Vintage 1960s Empire Waist Dress

When we go through difficult times, doing something creative is helpful to cope with it. While loosing yourself in the creative process you are present, your focus is in the now which gives you a break. No matter what medium you choose, drawing, music, writing or other you are pouring your heart into it and it is the expression of feelings that is always soothing for the soul. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be beautiful it just has to be fulfilling for you and nobody else.

I include below the photograph this short text I wrote 4 years ago when I shared an apartment with the Devil and felt stuck, depressed and hopeless.  For the last couple of months I have been feeling pretty intensely challenged again caused by physical changes in my body and reading this old text I realize that I am handling this so much better now, my soul grew and expanded. Life is like an upward spiral even when we feel that we are going down.

WHAT: Vintage black empire waist mini dress with gold leopard print, circa 1960’s.

Model, Styling, Make Up/Hair, Photo & Graphic Design – Eva Pal © 2015


“Toi qui entre ici abandonne toute espérance”  DANTE

When she woke up, almost immediately she started to feel the pull. By the time she came out of the shower, dark menacing clouds filled her head and the rain started pouring through her eyes. She was looking at herself in the mirror; everything was wrong.

She started noticing a faint static background noise, a low but constant vexing voice in her head. As she directed her attention toward, it became loud and obscene, telling her that she was an idiot, ugly and nobody loved her. She stared at her reflection and caught a glimpse of the dying light in her eyes.   Then with a last desperate attempt to bring herself back to reality she screamed: ‘STOP!” But it was too late.   Violent and unbearable pain invaded her whole being and there was darkness around her as she slid down on the floor with her back against the wall. And the walls started closing on her.

Suddenly the voice became nice, almost caring. “ You know there is a way out of here. This pain is so intense but you don’t have to suffer anymore. Everything will be all right, and you will be in peace.” It was soothing to hear that friendly voice yet she started sobbing again uncontrollably. “Yes, this is the only way out; I cannot suffer like this anymore.”

When it was over she felt like she just woke up from a horrifying nightmare. She had descended to and came back from Hell, a journey that left her body depleted of its vital energy.


1960s Embroidered Velvet Vest

With a flower in my hair and a beautiful hand embroidered velvet vest, I feel like a Spanish Dancer.

DSCF5686-rt WHAT: Vintage 1960s Embroidered Velvet Vest, worn with all black and a flower in the hair.


love+vintage Model, Styling, Make Up/Hair, Photo & Graphic Design – Eva Pal © 2015


Vintage1970s Jersey Paisley Shirt

Do I feel ready to go?  I feel torn between honoring what I am expected to do and my desire to return home.  It’s not time yet.

AmIreadytogoWHAT:Vintage 1970s paisley print jersey man’s shirt.



Model, Styling, Make Up/Hair, Photo & Graphic Design – Eva Pal © 2015


1980s printed blouse

I feel happy every morning walking through Central Park on my way to work.  Winter is beautiful, cold and nature feels amazingly peaceful.  Dogs, big and small, shaggy and bundled up joyfully running around and sniffing each others’ butt.  But for those who are cold, here is a “souvenir d’ete” a memory of summer beach.DSCF5424

WHAT: Vintage 1980s printed woven blouse worn with a printed bikini I designed a few years back.


Model, Styling, Make Up/Hair, Photo & Graphic Design – Eva Pal © 2015


1960s Print Shirt Dress

A year ago I was preparing my trip to Hungary to visit friends and family.  This year I am expecting my daughter for the holidays in my new home. I feel happier and stronger than a year ago.


DSCF5616WHAT: Vintage 1960s floral printed woven shirt dress, worn with black tights, flats and a fedora.  The only thing missing is a smile. 😀

love+vintageModel, Styling, Make Up/Hair, Photo & Graphic Design – Eva Pal © 2014


1990s jumpsuit

I have been feeling nostalgic the past few days.  Looking at old family pictures I found this photo of myself walking the runway in 1993 in Montreal, Canada.  I feel funny about 80s and 90s “vintage” clothes, to me it’s just something I wore when I was younger.1990s runway meWHAT: 1990s jumpsuit.  (It wasn’t vintage at the time of this photo was taken, haha). 


Model Eva Pal, Styling, Make Up/Hair, Photo (who knows?)- Eva Pal © 2014


1960s shirt dress

I feel confused. When does life stop being a struggle?  My real home is in my fantasy world in an enchanted forest with wacky flowers and weird trees around me where heat waves don’t wash over me 100 times a night and I wake up refreshed, where distasteful coffee doesn’t replace sleep and rest and boredom is not the price to pay for food and shelter.

autumnWHAT: Vintage 1960s psychedelic print shirt dress, worn with chunky heels.


Model, Styling, Make Up/Hair, Photo & Graphic Design – Eva Pal © 2014

Vintage 1970s Crochet Poncho

I never thought I would say that, but I feel relieved that summer is over.  It felt painfully long and hot to me and I am excited to take out my Fall clothes, bundle up in cozy sweaters, knit cozy sweater, shop for cozy knits…DSCF3915-rtWHAT: Vintage 1970s crochet poncho worn with leggings and flats.





Model, Styling, Make Up/Hair, Photo & Graphic Design – Eva Pal © 2014

Vintage 1960s Knit Maxi Dress

I saw The Veldt (then Apollo Heights) live for the first time about three years ago and it was love at the first sight.   I feel happy whenever I listen to their music or hang out with them after the show but my favorite moments are  just sitting back and working on my knitting while they are practicing.


The Veldt-after show 10 01 2014 @ Pianos NYC

WHAT: Vintage 1960s knit maxi dress worn with retro sandals and a belt from another vintage maxi dress.

Danny color

Danny C Chavis-The Veldt Live show 10 02 2014 @ Spike Hill, Brooklyn


The Veldt-Live show 10 01 2014 @ Spike Hill Brooklyn


 Model, Styling, Make Up/Hair, Photo & Graphic Design – Eva Pal © 2014


Vintage 1960s Paisley Mini Dress

I feel really excited about our upcoming book with Danny, featuring vintage guitars.  These are some test shots from the photo shoot session of the book cover.   Big thank you to the wonderful photographer Fred Kopf of f2kphotography and the talented make up artist Chelsea _dsc3596-1WHAT: Vintage 1960s paisley print mini dress, worn with a vintage suede leather belt and high boots.





Model and Styling Eva Pal, Make Up/Hair,  Photo  f2kphotography  

Eva Pal © 2014